Andres, Art Teacher

San Francisco artist and art teacherAndres is an artist and educator born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. His sense of artistic perception is characterized through a fantastical and moody sense of expression that is serene, mystical and occasionally dramatic. Reasons for this pursuit stems from his lifelong passion for visual art and not having the adequate level of exposure as a kid, which allowed for him to see the value of integrating the arts through childhood education.

The body of his work as an artist takes inspiration from realism, mythology, the sea and art of ancient civilizations. Andres specializes in drawing mediums ranging from charcoal and chalk pastel, to paints consisting of watercolor, acrylic and oil. His side fascination with materials used in three-dimensional space is evident through clay sculpture, as well as special effects-grade silicone.

“Philosophy Statement:”

“Values formed through the arts I aspire to help my students develop are manifold. A sense of resourcefulness at the tip of your finger that an artist can easily use is a skill applicable to any situation. Adapting and being in the present moment of where you stand by engaging in the artistic process is an essential skill which can be applicable to life in the real world. Honing in on a sense of one’s self for what they think and feel through an increased intuition in contrast to the world, while having a worldly perspective of what is happening around and within a community, are the keys to being an intrapersonal figure with interpersonal sensibilities. All in all, the realization that art can be an outlet to escape the hyper-connected and overly-exposed society in which we live in should be what we can appreciate and take away from the arts to this day.”