Saturday 10am Fall 2020

Welcome, Fall 2020! Please review entire contents before closing page. Save the class link/password, and print information for convenience. Also listed is our “Online Etiquette”, and Materials needed each week.

Dear Parents,

Here is your Zoom link and password for the Fall session with Hidden Talent Art. Bookmark this page for access to Zoom link each week!

Saturdays 10-10:30 Fall 2020 (10 Classes)
Click Here for Art Class!
Meeting ID: 815 7354 7468
Passcode: FALL2020

Please change your screen name to your child’s name on your Zoom account for class for easy roll call.

Etiquette for our class:

We want to make sure everyone has a great online experience and follows these online etiquettes! Please relay them to your children before the class begins. Thank you!

  1. We know everyone has questions, and often times those questions will be answered during the lesson as it progresses because this is a follow-along, step-by-step class.
  2. If questions do arise, please use the chat box. Be respectful and mindful with comments and actions.
  3. Everyone will be muted throughout the class for optimal audio, unless the teacher asks a specific question to the class.

We want to inspire, get creative, and have fun while your children draw with us!

Here are the materials needed for each week:

Week 1) Thin Point Permanent Marker, Watercolors, Brushes, Cup 4 water, Watercolor paper, Paper Tower (or a rag).
Week 2) Washable Markers with cup of water and round brush, Watercolor paper, Paper Towel (or a rag).
Week 3) Charcoal Pencils (black & white), Eraser, Blending stump, Gray Pastel or Construction paper.
Week 4) Watercolor Pencils, Watercolor Paper, brushes and cup of water, Paper Towel (or a rag)
Week 5) Model Magic, wax paper to work on.
Week 6) Chalk Pastels, Black Pastel or Construction Paper, Blending Stump
Week 7) Graphite Pencil, Eraser, Blending Stump, Watercolor Paper (or white drawing paper)
Week 8) Oil Pastels & Watercolor, Brushes, Cup of Water, Paper Towel, Watercolor Paper
Week 9) Thin point Permanent Marker, Chalk Pastels, Watercolor Paper
Week 10) Oil Pastels, Black Pastel or Construction Paper

P.S. If you want to share your child’s artwork on social media, feel free to tag us on FB and Instagram!

Thank you for joining us online, see you soon!

Shana and Jean
Hidden Talent Art
For questions, please email us at